Real Estate 1031 Exchange

Time to Sell? We Can Help.

You own commercial real estate. Or perhaps you’ve had a rental for years or downsized from your original home and kept it as a rental? It is time to sell. What’s the best way to maximize profits in a tax-efficient way? At Heritage, we can help you navigate the 1031 exchange process and guide you on any execution surrounding the real estate 1031 exchanges. 

We also maintain various real estate opportunities for you, some ideal 1031 exchange investment options to potentially roll your gains into. 

Broker Referral

If the property is in an area we know well, we can help you network with brokers we know and find the right fit.

Process Navigation

If you’ve never been through the process, we can walk you through it and introduce you to the requisite third parties.

Pipeline Opportunities

If you need an opportunity to roll your 1031 exchange, we maintain a list of options, subject to market availability.

Talk to us to know the significant benefits of real estate 1031 exchange!
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