Tax Savings and Strategies

Tax Planning vs. Tax Preparation

There’s a difference between Tax Planning and Tax Preparation. Tax Planning requires a wholistic view of business, family, investment, and charitable realities. Our team can coordinate with your CPA to make sure you’re maximizing tax efficient options available, including:

Income Tax Planning

When was the last time your financial advisor spoke with your CPA or attorney? It is our experience that very few advisors invest time looking at client tax returns and working with their client’s CPAs to minimize taxation. We also observe that financial advisors, CPAs, and attorneys rarely coordinate effectively on behalf of their clients. We do both. 

Tax Efficient Portfolios

Why pay more in taxes than you need to? Holding the right investments in the right account types can greatly reduce taxation. We go far beyond simple loss harvesting strategies to help you keep more of what you earn. We customize your investments to reflect your goals around, income, growth, charitable gifting, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs.

Business Exit Strategies

The earlier you plan the more you can save. We employ tax and estate planning strategies for liquidity events, business exits, IPO’s, and succession planning. Often times, the best business tax planning and structural work is done years before any liquidity event is executed. Let’s work together now so you can keep more of what you have built.

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