Business Owners / Liquidity Events

Keep More of What You’ve Created

When the time comes to monetize your hard work, there are many ways to analyze tax consequences.

Selling your business? Below is our robust toolkit:

Income Business Plan

The good news is your business is booming. Your challenge is to keep as much of your earnings as possible. We’ll collaborate directly with your CPA to share best practices and make sure you’re utilizing the many tools at your disposal to minimize taxation.

Pre-Transaction Planning

Structural Analysis

Analyze the benefits of various structures (S-corp, C-corp, etc.) and valuation allocations within those structures.

Execution Analysis

Consideration given to immediate vs. staggered payments, including rollover into remaining entities.

Post-Transaction Planning

Offsetting Gain Opportunities

Review of multiple tax-efficient opportunities, including charitable and tax credit markets.

Go-forward Tax Efficiency

Consider investment vehicles that allow tax-free compounding for high net-worth clients.

Learn how we can help with liquidity events!
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